Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad blogger... that I am

I am better at WW than I am at blogging. I seem to have let a few things go lately and I need to nip that in the bud. I have no reason - just a lot going and it's easier to be lazy sometimes. I need to reconnect with the inner drive within.

Since my last blog, I celebrated my 50-pound weight loss! I am now sporting a lovely addition to my key chain.

I have got to get this exercise thing underway. I go to ball hockey twice a week but I should be doing more. I had great intentions of starting the Couch to 5k running program but did 4 runs. I want to get back at it - just need to get motivated. I desperately wish I had someone to do it with and help with that motivation factor. Losing the weight is one thing but there has to be some major toning take place too.

Today was Mother's Day - I had a great day! I received some beautiful gifts from my husband and daughter and had some wonderful family time too.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time to catch up!

So post the big birthday, we all got a bit of a flu bug. My appetite was pretty poor for a few days and I was not sure how this would effect my weigh in that week. But April 5 was a great weigh in down 4.2! Then I was concerned about keeping it off but this week I was down again so I'm thinking as long as I stick to the program (and I have yet to have a week where I have gone over) it's gone for good. I am now 0.6 away from 50 pounds gone! Watch me go this week!!! I'll be a point counting machine and an exercising fiend!

I have to get my thoughts out here on something that comes up repeatedly at my meetings. There a couple of ladies who consistently talk about what they are NOT ALLOWED to have anymore since they are doing WW. One lady visits her mom once a week. Her mom is elderly and loves pizza. So the lady either brings her pizza or takes her out and now instead of eating it too, she brings a salad for herself. Her mom gets agitated and asks a lot of questions about why she is not eating the pizza. The lady tells us and her mom it's because she is NOT ALLOWED. I have to bite my tongue in the meetings and I don't like the way the leader handles it either by agreeing with them and not telling them another way to look at things.

One of the reasons I decided to go with weight watchers is that it allows me the flexibility to still eat what I want as long as I am conscious of the amount I eat and keeping my eye on the weekly big picture. Don't get me wrong - I know my results are not going to be the same if I use my daily point in take to eat all crappy foods. However, if I want to have pizza once in a while, I can. If I want to have a small piece of chocolate every day, I can. I count it and plan around it - in my opinion, it's the WW way. I truly don't believe there is anything I am NOT ALLOWED to have.

And it makes me wonder if these ladies will be successful in their WW journey? I mean if success on WW for them is equated to not eating a list of certain foods, when they give in and have them, will they fail? Not get back on the WW wagon or have a hard time getting back on? Take a break for a while?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My how fast a year passes...

Yesterday was my daughter's first birthday. Since we have no immediate family in the area, I had a little party with people I met while on leave and some of my long-time friends. These people were a definite source of support through the first year. It was a great time but very busy with so may little ones. There were 20 people here in total. I made Elmo cakes - one for destruction and one for the guests. I also had a few munchies for the guests - homemade blueberry buckle coffee cake, crackers and cheese and apples with fruit dip. Here are some pictures we took...

It was a pretty emotional day. I kept remembering back to that day and at any given hour I would say, "This time last year, I was doing... pushing, getting drugs, in pain.. etc. I also missed having my family there to share in the day. That would have made it that much more special.

As for my weight loss this week... I missed the meeting again this week - last minute birthday party tasks and I could not even get out to weigh in. I am down (according to my home scale) three pounds!!! I had a good week and was pretty careful to stay within my points allowance.

So that means I made my goal of losing all pregnancy weight before the first year was out. Wahoo! On to the next task - my 50 pound token. Now there's some motivation.